Top 10 Questions To Ask An Agent

1. Is this your full time profession?
A – Geoff & Paul both sell Real Estate as their full time occupation; in fact they even have a full time Licensed Assistant, a part time assistant as well as 2 Buyer specialist to provide you with a total of 5 licensed agents all working hard every day to sell your home!!

2. How long have you been selling Real Estate?
A – Geoff, Paul, KT, and Jim combine for over 75+ years of Real Estate selling experience.

3. How many real estate transactions have you closed in the last 12 months?
A – In the last 12 months, our team has closed over 150 transactions! The average agent sells less than 4 homes per year…. This means you are 37 times more likely to sell with us than the average Realtor! This is one of the most important questions to ask an agent, they promise you the world, and the only thing that really matters is how many homes they are actually selling in today’s market!

4. How many hours per day and number of people do you prospect to daily?
A – There are two types of agents, active agents and passive agents. Our team is comprised of 5 very active agents meaning that every day, we speak to at least 50 or 60 people and ask them who they know that want to buy or sell Real Estate. Passive agents place ads in newspapers, sit open houses and wait for the telephone to ring. Which one do you want?

5. What percentage of the homes that you list actually sell?
A – Over 88% of the homes our team lists sell, on average, our listings sell for 97.2% of asking price.

6. How do you report feedback to me after showings?
A – Another advantage of having a full time assistant for you is that feedback is treated with utmost importance, all of our showings are tracked electronically and you will get a copy of all feedback received by agents at the same time that we do so you are ALWAYS up to date!

7. How strong is your internet marketing?
A – Studies show that over 98% of home buyers start their search online, and 1 in 3 buyers find the home they ultimately purchase online! We syndicate our listings to hundreds of websites using and Listhub – they are featured on websites such as,,,,, Yahoo Real Estate, Google etc… the list goes on, ask for the full list!

8. Do you provide a professional virtual tour or do you take the photos yourself?
A – We recognize that we are Real Estate professionals, not photographers, so we hire only the best, most professional photographers from to take our virtual tours. Without a virtual tour for the home, your online presence is greatly diminished resulting in significantly less views online.

9. Do you utilize 800 InfoHomeline?
A – This is a system designed to attract Buyers to your property, if the other agents aren’t using it, their missing the boat! We’ll explain more about this when we meet with you!

10. How often are you going to communicate with me what you’re doing to sell my house?
A – Communication in any business relationship is a major key to success, if you are interviewing an agent that plans on “listing and leaving” you better find out now! We talk to our Seller clients every week to 10 days to make sure that you have all the current information regarding the sale of your home.