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    Are Home Improvements A Good Idea If You’re Selling Your Home Soon?

    You might reasonably ask if there’s much point in carrying out extensive work on your home if you have plans to sell and move out of it quite soon.

    The best answer to that question very much depends on your property’s current condition and appearance.

    For homes that are what might be described as “move-in ready” with great looking modern neutral decor that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers with all features working as they should, there really isn’t much to do save, perhaps, for minor stuff like any paint touch-ups that might be beneficial.

    Conversely, if your decor looks old and tired, or if your color choices are very personal to you, such as many “controversial” rich red and purple hues, then you need to honestly ask yourself if such a look is going to help or hinder achieving a top dollar return on the sale.

    Or could it be that part of your home is immaculate, but other elements of it have been neglected as you no longer use them, for whatever reason. Perhaps you haven’t relaxed on your deck for years and it is in bad need of some refurbishment. OK, you won’t see the benefit of these repairs, but buyers will look at items that have fallen into disrepair and see big bills ahead of them. Not an attractive proposition…

    It has often been said that the home we live in isn’t necessarily the same as the one we sell. In other words, would a series of pre-sale home improvements not only increase your chances of a fast sale with multiple offers, but also be much more attractive as buyers look through online images of homes as they compile their viewing shortlists?

    Yes, we have a very lively market at the moment, but that is no reason for complacency when it comes to presenting your home correctly. Even if you’re in direct competition with just one similar home in the area, buyers will be far more likely to flock to the one that represents the least future costs and is presented as a more inviting place to live. It also puts you at a huge disadvantage in negotiations.

    In conclusion, carrying out a series of home improvements just before you sell should be seen as an investment in maximizing the selling potential.

    No matter how vague your notions of selling are, we’re always happy to advise you on the best ways of staging your home, so why not call us at the Hyland/Schneider team at 928-445-2100.

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