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    Conducting an effective final walk through inspection of your new home

    It might be just about the final stage in the home buying process, but it’s important to take the final walk through inspection very seriously.

    This is your chance to double check that nothing has changed since your last viewing and that everything is as it should be.

    Here are some of the main things to look out for:

    Agreed repairs – Your offer may have been conditional on certain repairs being done before completion. The walk through enables you to confirm that everything has been done as agreed and to your satisfaction.

    Fixtures still in place? – Make sure you have a checklist of items that the seller agreed to leave.

    External check – The most basic things to check are that all plants, trees etc. are still in place, unless otherwise agreed, and that the sellers have removed all debris and trash associated with their move. Make a thorough check of the home’s external condition to ensure nothing has materially changed since your last viewing. This can be especially important if the walk through is taking place after recent bad weather. Ascertain that sprinkler systems are fully functional too.

    Interior check – Inspect every single room, ensuring that nothing has changed, including the condition of decor, ceilings, wall and floors. Confirm that all equipment is working including, but not limited to, aircon, heating, appliances that will remain, electrical outlets and light switches, showers, baths, toilets, faucets, windows and all doors, including the garage.

    Instructions – The best sellers will leave a folder, or similar, containing all the instruction manuals for household equipment. The walk through offers a chance to see if any instructions are missing and to ask if the seller has them somewhere. Mercifully, it’s rare these days for instructions not to be downloadable somewhere on the internet, if all else fails.

    Vacant homes – If the property you’re buying has been vacant for some significant time, it’s even more vital to carry out a forensic walk through. Look for mold and leaking pipes, both of which are much more likely in this situation. Check for signs of pests and critters too. They like quiet homes.

    Don’t rush – This is your last chance to flag up any problems before completing the purchase so don’t be in a hurry and take this fantastic opportunity to be completely sure that the home you thought you were buying hasn’t materially altered.

    We hope that the above tips are useful. As ever please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100 if you have any further questions on this subject or any other aspect of buying and selling a home.

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