Essential Home Maintenance Tips For Fall

    Fall is here and with it comes a whole host of seasonal maintenance tasks around the home.

    To help you plan, here are some important things to do in the next few days:

    Heating – Have you scheduled your annual system check up? It’s always best to do this now, as problems have a nasty habit of happening when it’s very cold. And that’s when maintenance engineers are busiest and least able to respond as quickly as you would like.

    Windows and doors – Check that they are properly sealed and make appropriate repairs with sealants, caulking or weatherstripping.

    Holes and gaps – Look for these around your home’s exterior skin and repair/fill as needed. Critters like to find somewhere warm too!

    Roofs/siding/brickwork – Inspect for any damage. A leaking roof, for example, may not make its presence known until there’s heavy rain. Binoculars are a great help when checking out the most elevated areas.

    Trees/shrubs – Now is a great time for pruning, as this reduces the risk of weak branches breaking off in a storm.

    Driveways – Now is the time to fix any cracks.

    Lawns – Make sure you’ve applied fertilizer before the ground freezes.

    Ceiling fans – We walk right underneath them all day, every day, but it’s still so easy to forget to flick the switch so that warm air is redirected.

    Gutters and downpipes – Gutters can get congested with falling leaves, so make sure you keep them clear. Route downpipes so that rainwater discharges away from your foundations.

    Sprinkler systems – These need to be switched off before it freezes. It’s a great idea to use compressed air to clear pipes.

    Pools – It’s also a great time to get your pool winterized, if you haven’t already done so.

    External faucets and hoses – Disconnect any hoses and store them inside for the fall/winter. If faucets are allowed to freeze, there’s a real risk of pipes bursting in the home. Fit inexpensive polystyrene faucet covers, available from any hardware store.

    External lights – More hours of darkness emphasize the need for effective and secure external lighting, so make sure all bulbs are functioning and consider any areas of the home that could benefit from extra lighting for safety and/or security reasons.

    Smart thermostats – Using the latest technology and usually controllable from anywhere using a mobile app, these amazing devices are a great way of keeping your rooms at just the right temperature, while minimizing your energy costs.

    We hope at least a few of these hints are helpful. As ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100 should you have any questions regarding real estate.

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