Staging Your Home for the Maximum Return

    Although this is a great time to sell your home, with high demand coinciding with a shortage of properties for sale, this doesn’t mean there’s any room for complacency if you want to maximize the return on your sale.

    Even though competition is reduced, it’s still out there and the simple truth is that if your home looks better than other similar ones, you’re far more likely to achieve top dollar.

    Staging, or presenting, your home correctly for sale is an absolutely critical aspect of ensuring you get the best return through attracting multiple offers.

    It’s reckoned that only a very small percentage of potential buyers viewing a home can see beyond its present state and envision how they might be able to transform it in their own style.
    This means it’s vital that you create the best possible viewing environment and, unless you live in a showroom condition interior, there are probably going to be some tweaks that need to be made prior to when buyers start to arrive.

    Obviously, there are some common sense rules that apply to this process. The key is to ensure the house has a neutral decor style that would appeal to the widest possible cross section of buyers. While a deep purple color scheme, for example, might be your thing, clearly it isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

    Cleanliness is vital, of course, and clutter needs to be eliminated so that your viewers can see the home, not your stuff.

    At Hyland/Schneider Team, we work closely with Brittany Baird, owner of local staging specialist Wilder Creative. Brittany’s thoughts on this subject are thought provoking: “Home staging is a proven and essential marketing process that, if done correctly, will enable you to sell faster and for more money than if you did not stage. Buying a home is a highly emotional process and buyers want to fall in love with their new home. How do you create this wonderful feeling for them? Through creating the feeling of light, space, elegance and high quality living that we all aspire to. For any buyer who will consider your home, it is critical that your listing stands out from the crowd.”

    Brittany has created a Top 10 list of staging recommendations for all sellers:

    1. Remove all personal family photos from walls of house. Use large art pieces to create focal points: fireplace, by kitchen table, over beds. Just a few pieces of artwork throughout the home.
    2. All counter and table surfaces should be cleared off, and items you use daily hidden in cabinets. Use a few decorative bowls, flowers and accessories to create elegance.
    3. In bathrooms, clear floor mats, garbage cans and items off counters.
    4. In the kitchen, clear items off fridge, on doors and on top. Clean the microwave and remove all other counter top items.
    5. Let in the light, pull up the blinds and open the window. Let the outdoors in.
    6. Clean, clean and clean again.
    7. Use white. Some punches of white add contrast, brightness and elegance. It shows beautifully in pictures. (ie white bath towels, white bed linens, etc.).
    8. Ensure there is a light bulb in every socket and turn on the lights when the home is showing.
    9. In bedrooms, create as much floor space as possible with furniture arrangements.
    10. Use fresh flowers and/or plants on counter surfaces to create a fresh, clean feeling.

    While these tips are invaluable, nothing can match the services of a professional like Brittany to maximize your home’s viewing potential. That’s why we’ve teamed up with her to offer you a Home Staging Report that enables her to visit your home and make specific recommendations.

    We also now offer virtual staging, a relatively new computer-based concept that facilitates the placement of almost any type of “virtual” furniture in your home photos, as if they were really in the house. Our video below demonstrates this great idea.

    Our goal is to ensure that your home looks the very best it can while it is listed to attract the maximum initial interest and to ultimately create a situation where you get best price through competing offers for a home that many people would love to call their own.

    Call us on 928-441-2100 for an informal discussion of how we can help you present your home to the max.

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