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    The Importance of Engaging With A Top Producing Real Estate Agent

    In recent blogs, we’ve been tracking a significant change in our Prescott area real estate market, reflecting the national trend toward a more buyer-centric market.

    While this situation presents challenges for sellers, there are still fantastic opportunities to sell your home. The key issue, moving forward, though, is how you sell!

    Recent years have seen tremendous price growth and buyer enthusiasm in the market, which means that a lot of people have been attracted to real estate as a great way of earning commission in boom times.

    The real test, however, is ahead of us. Inevitably, tougher market conditions will mean that hiring the right agent, who has been successful in both good and bad times, becomes absolutely imperative to optimizing your success.

    Many people still incorrectly imagine that all agents put in the same amount of effort on their behalf. This is just not so and a surprising number of agents aren’t working full time in the profession and have other calls on their time.

    A tighter market demands that agents must work even harder to find buyers for their clients. This requires an all-out 24/7 approach and, very simply, part-time agents will not be able to do this.

    It follows, therefore, that you need to be paying special attention to the track record of agents you interview for the job of selling your home. It’s also essential to establish if the agent worked in real estate before the boom years. This will give a strong indication that he/she has been successful in a more difficult selling climate.

    Here’s how the The Hyland/Schneider Team measures up:

    • The #1 performers in the Prescott area.
    • Geoff Hyland and Paul Schneider have been the two top performers out of approximately 1400 agents in the Prescott area for over six years!
    • 3rd best performers in the entire RE/MAX South West Region.
    • 28th in the list of top producers within RE/MAX nationwide.

    Moreover, Geoff and Paul have been partners since 2005, working very successfully through the Great Recession years!

    When you hire us, you not only tap into vast knowledge, you also gain the advantage of accessing our great support team who are each experts in their field, providing you with the most seamless and problem-free home selling experience.

    Why not contact The Hyland/Schneider Team today at 928-445-2100 and discover more about the key benefits we can bring to your home sale.

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