The Value Of Hiring A Top Producing Real Estate Agent

    Why is it that some home sellers carry out hardly any research into who is the best agent for them to hire for such an important job?

    There is no clear cut answer here, but it is probably true to say that many people simply don’t understand how big the gulf can be between highly successful, or top producing, agents and the average agent.

    It’s critical to understand that the contrast in performance can be dramatic. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the typical agent sells about one home per month.

    Compare this with our performance in 2018, when we completed a sale about every 23 hours throughout the entire year!

    And here are some other key recent achievements for us here at The Hyland/Schneider Team:

    • The #1 performers in the Prescott area.
    • 3rd best performers in the entire RE/MAX South West Region.
    • 28th in the list of top producers within RE/MAX nationwide.

    So what gives us such a significant edge in the Prescott area, and indeed on a national scale?

    Here are five important factors:

    Our Work Ethic – It often surprises many people that a high number of agents aren’t even engaged in real estate on a full time basis. Contrast this with our 24/7 dedication to the task and a very strict daily regime of activities that includes role playing prior to making a high number of calls per day to our contact base and potential buyers, as well as a wide range of other activities geared to selling your home for top dollar in the shortest possible time frame.

    Continuous Professional Training – We very actively participate in America’s top real estate coaching organization. This doesn’t just expose us to current best practices in our profession. It also allows us to hone our selling skills and enables us to take part in mastermind groups and retreats with other top producing agents around the nation, which leads to an incredibly valuable exchange of ideas.

    Strong Connections – Our tremendous success over many years has given us a priceless contacts book of people who we regularly stay in touch with. We also connect very regularly with the best buyer’s agents in the area, ensuring that their clients are fully aware of our current inventory of homes for sale. We also have connections with other top listing agents nationwide, if clients are planning to move out of the area.

    We Are Trusted – Having such a vast network of previously satisfied customers means that they come back to us again and again as their trusted real estate professionals. A lot of homes get listed with us on the basis of our reputation, via referrals.

    Comprehensive Marketing Package – We use a wide range of modern market communications techniques. These techniques include this blog and the website you are currently on, as well as a range of social networking channels, including online advertising, and regular contact via emails and sales management software. The aim is to not only promote homes, but to continually provide worthwhile advice to our valued client base.

    We hope all the above helps to show you how significant the differentiators can be between agents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100 for a more detailed discussion of how we can leverage these advantages for your own home sale.

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