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    Time To Prepare For A Busy Prescott Fall/Winter Real Estate Market

    We’re less than a couple of weeks away from the official beginning of fall on the 22nd of September.

    It’s fast approaching the time of year when many people who’ve been considering selling their home put it off until the New Year, reasoning that their chance of a sale has all but vanished, now that the summer is fast drawing to a close.

    Without question, this is the single biggest myth in real estate.

    There are three key reasons why we say this:

    – Fall and winter buyers rank among the most motivated we see in the entire 12-month real estate cycle. This is because they generally have a very specific goal in mind, such as moving before a New Year job promotion or even something as simple as having bigger and better surroundings in which to entertain during the holiday season.

    – Because sellers will inevitably withdraw from the market, or simply decide to delay their sale, means that your home will enjoy better visibility and a more robust asking price, due to less competition.

    – There’s also another significant factor this year in that, as we’ve been noting in recent weeks, there’s been a shift in the market to the extent that a general home price correction looks likely as buyers finally reach the stage where their buying power has been exceeded, in many cases, by the continuous home price rises we’ve been seeing for some time now. Clearly, anyone who waits to list runs a risk that this market trend might accelerate. And there isn’t a much worse feeling than regretting not selling earlier for a better return!

    Inevitably, there are a wide range of other reasons why would-be sellers decide to delay. A common objection from those who can’t list for a few more weeks is that the weather won’t be as good and the home will not look at its best as the weather changes. Well, there’s no time like the present and we’d be happy to have a professional photographer visit your home to take great looking pictures while there’s still plenty of sunshine.

    Despite recent reported trends, it’s still an amazingly vibrant real estate market in the Prescott area, so why wait and risk that very favorable situation possibly changing in a few months’ time!

    One thing is certain, however. Take a break from selling now and you’ll definitely have more competition in the New Year as all the other sellers who decided to wait suddenly arrive back on the market! That will affect not only how your home stands out from others, but also your likely returns too!

    Why not contact us at Hyland Schneider Team on 928-445-2100 to discuss how best to take advantage of the lucrative fall/winter homes market.

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