Top Home Moving Tips

    Moving house is generally considered one of life’s more stressful activities and, even if you’re hiring insured professionals, there’s still a certain amount of planning that you have to do for yourself.

    We thought it would be a good idea to outline some of the things you need to look out for:

    Be organized – Nothing beats a room-by-room written plan, so that you know everything has been accounted for and have a list that you can progressively tick off as tasks are done.

    Use the right packing materials – If you are undertaking some, or maybe all, packing yourself, buy purpose-made boxes in a selection of dimensions that match your needs. Stock up on marker pens, labels, bubble wrap and other items that help to cushion your stuff.

    Lighten your load – Try to keep manual lifting to a minimum. It really helps to use a dolly with ratchet straps. Lifting straps can also assist. Things get even easier if you enlist the help of friends and relatives to help you.

    Run food stocks down – Traveling light should extend to gradually running your food stocks down to minimum as the big move approaches. Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly defrosted to prevent water leaks in transit.

    Label it! – It’s impossible to label too many things when you’re on the move. Resist the temptation to just dump electrical cables in a box without first labelling them so you know what goes where when you reassemble everything. Small items can be packed and labelled in resealable bags, minimizing the possibilities of loss en route.

    Fragile items – Your most treasured items are unquestionably best handled by professional movers. If this isn’t possible, try to seek guidance on the best way of moving them. Old newspaper is a well proven packing medium for glass, china etc.

    Children and pets – Children that are too young to assist with the move and pets are best looked after by family members or close friends on the day of the move, if this is feasible.

    Changing your address – You’re unlikely to forget to inform banks and utilities of your impending move. However it’s all too easy to forget more minor things, so make sure that, for example, your magazine subscriptions are updated and other things that may not be immediately obvious, such as your standard delivery address for online shopping.

    Be kitted out with essentials – Pack a bag with handy everyday items like toiletries, towels, a clothing change and any medication you may need to access. Cool drinks and sandwiches are also great items to bring along to help maintain your energy levels and minimize stops that you need to make on the day.

    Sort internet in advance – We all rely on internet so much these days. It’s quite common for service providers to have a waiting list for installations, so try to organize this well ahead of your move.

    We hope that at least a few of the above thoughts will help you in your move. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100 if you have any questions related to buying and selling a home.

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