Top Outdoor Improvements for Spring Home Sellers

    Over the next few weeks we should hopefully see temperatures start to significantly rise, heralding the onset of spring, which officially begins on March 19th.

    Although our Prescott area real estate market is very busy right now, there will be even more buyers as the next few weeks unfold.

    And if you’re planning to list your home in the spring, this is a great time to start working on that all important kerb appeal and making sure that the outside of the property is in great shape for home buyers, who inevitably will look even closer at the external condition as the better weather approaches.

    Here are some key candidates for your attention:

    Front of property – That first impression as buyers drive up to your home inevitably sets the scene for the rest of their viewing. Get this right and you’re off to a fine start. Present an underwhelming vision of the home and it’s going to be an uphill struggle to change their mindset. Therefore it’s vital that you pay attention to the condition of your lawn, drive and external paintwork. These are all definite priorities in the coming weeks.

    Yards – Yards can be severely neglected in the months when we don’t use them. But they are going to be super important to spring buyers, who will be dreaming of lazy, restful days outside in nice surroundings. So make sure your yard is super tidy and welcoming. If you have, for example, a built-in barbecue, check that it’s fully functional. Buyers looking at neglected yards will envisage a lot of cost and bother ahead of them. Try to completely eliminate that thought process.

    Decks – The ravages of winter can make a deck that looked kind of decent last summer look like it’s in need of some serious TLC this spring. So take a close look at it and, at the very least, give it a good clean as dirt and debris tend to build up over the fall and winter months. Carry out repairs to any damaged areas and seriously consider a restain/repaint if it’s really looking tired. A great deck can be a real selling asset, while one in a less than inspiring condition can be offputting for many buyers.

    Awnings – These need regular rinse cleaning and a deep soap clean every few years. Again some refurbishment may be necessary as buyers are going to want to check the condition of these, as they can be a great asset, or a costly liability if damaged, in the warmer times to come.

    Pools – Your pool may still be winterized. It has been winterized hasn’t it? While it’s a bit too early for pools to be in regular use, buyers will, at the very least, want to see that they have been properly maintained. As the warmer weather approaches, make sure you liaise with your pool maintenance professional (unless your do it all yourself) to ensure that the pool is in tip top condition. Don’t underestimate the selling power of a pool, or how offputting one in poor condition can be.

    Lawn sprinkler systems – Right now these are probably winterized, but you need to ensure they are fully functional so that your lawns look just right as grass begins to grow again.

    We hope you find the above advice of use and we’re always happy to provide more specific guidance on home presentation, so don’t hesitate to call us at The Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100.

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