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    What Will Your Agent Be Doing For The Rest of 2018?

    It’s a commonly held myth that all agents work equally as hard for their clients.

    And this is never more obvious than as we approach the holiday season.

    It often surprises clients to learn that a high percentage of agents don’t work at real estate full-time. This becomes more apparent as the year draws to a close and some decide that they have earned enough in 2018 and take a long rest, before starting up again at some point in the New Year.

    Given that the end of the year is such a lucrative time for home sales, it never fails to surprise us that not all agents want to take full advantage of it.

    Even more importantly than that, however, is the negative effect it has on the sale of their clients’ homes.

    If you are starting to see fewer viewings and general activity to sell your home, it makes perfect sense to directly approach your agent and ask what his/her plans are to aggressively market your home in the busy run-in to year end.

    Fall and winter arguably see the most motivated buyers of the year. Some will want to buy in advance of an early 2019 job move, many will want to be in new surroundings before the holidays, while others will be keen to quickly complete the sale for taxation reasons.

    It would be a shame, therefore, if your agent selfishly plans to either take a complete break or run a very low-profile operation in the next few weeks. You really don’t want to miss what the late year market brings!

    Above all, don’t let your agent convince you that this is not a good time to be selling.

    At Hyland/Schneider Team we take great pride in working hard year round for our clients. That’s how we’ve remained top performers out of around 1500 agents in the Prescott area over the past five years and actually completed a sale every 33 hours throughout last year!

    Contact us today at 928-445-2100 to find out how we can work hard for you too.

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