Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Add Value To Your Home

    If you are currently selling your home or thinking of doing so very soon, it’s important that you resist the temptation to skip essential summer maintenance tasks.

    Some sellers take the attitude that they can leave some jobs as they won’t be getting the benefit of any home improvements in the long run. This is a very short sighted mistake!

    It’s reckoned that 99% of agents working with sellers believe that curb appeal is essential to attract buyers.

    While there is a shortage of properties at the moment, that doesn’t mean to say that competition doesn’t exist between sellers of similar homes. It therefore makes total sense to keep your home very well maintained, as this could be the difference between a buyer choosing your home or another one that appears to have been better cared for. You could also find that, if the home is in less than tip-top condition, your asking price may come under more pressure.

    If you really can demonstrate that your home has been well looked after, this can only add value to the property, so here are some great things to do in the near future:

    Maximize the external appearance – Summer buyers tend to have outdoor space very much in mind. At this time of year, more than any other, you can’t ignore the condition of your front and back yards. Make any necessary¬† improvements to the condition of your home’s exterior finish. Essential repairs should include siding, shutters, windows and touching up paintwork where needed. Ensure that decks and porches are as spotless as you can make them. Tired looking fencing is another off-putting sign for buyers.

    Landscaping is a sound investment – Curb appeal is even more critical in summer. Well-manicured lawns are the very least buyers will want to see. This season also provides a fine opportunity for you to enhance the appearance of the property with flowers and colorful potted plants. You may feel that you don’t have the time to do this yourself, so consider hiring a professional landscaper – an investment that will pay huge dividends in terms of buyers’ positive perceptions of your home. And don’t overlook checking that your lawn sprinkler system is fully functional – buyers tend to inspect everything!

    Apply some pressure – Dirty driveways, walkways, decks and patios can often look like new after as simple and quick a measure as cleaning them with a pressure washer.

    A pool can be cool – A pool can be a great home sales aid all year round. In summer, however, buyers’ expectations of the condition of your pool will be much higher. Ensure that it is perfectly clean and well maintained. Also concentrate on making the area around the pool look as inviting as possible. Good quality outdoor furniture really helps. Even if you don’t use it any more, don’t ignore pool maintenance. Presenting this area of the home correctly is usually a great differentiator with other homes, promoting the quickest possible sale for the best return.

    Keep it light – Dark home interiors are not attractive and are often the result of extensive plant growth in window areas. Be sure to trim these areas to let in maximum natural light. Neutral room colors also assist this process, so a fresh coat of paint indoors can also work wonders.

    Maintain your cool – As with correct pool maintenance, an efficient and fully operational air conditioning system is a summer home staging prerequisite. Poor cooling efficiency doesn’t make for pleasant home viewing and buyers will be concerned that they might face a lot of future expense in this area. If you haven’t already done so, get your annual aircon service sorted asap. The last thing you need is a system failure just before a viewing. Ensure that the home is at a comfortable temperature for your viewers – it should neither be too hot or too cold.

    Make each viewing a refreshing experience – Even though you’ll most likely be leaving the viewing in the capable hands of your agent, leave a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses to encourage buyers to stay longer in the home and really take in all its plusses. Thirsty buyers want to leave quickly to get a drink somewhere, anywhere!

    Even if you’re not planning a home sale imminently, we hope at least some of the above tips are helpful to you. If you are thinking of selling, or have any questions on real estate, please contact us at The Hyland/Schneider Team on 928-445-2100.

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