Why Wait Until Spring To Buy A Home?

    Spring is traditionally the time when a high percentage of people considering a house move start to actively search for a new home.

    But does it make any sense to wait until then?

    There are some real advantages to getting that search underway right now!

    With low inventory a seemingly ever-present factor in the Prescott area, this means that the inevitably higher number of buyers who will begin looking for a home in the Spring will only make the chase for available properties more challenging.

    Start now and you’ll find there’s simply less buyer competition around. That can also have a positive impact on acceptable offer levels, from the buyer’s perspective.

    Hanging around until March-April also risks something changing in the incredibly favorable current mortgage market.

    Mortgage rates have been very low for some time, but the good news is that, after a period of small increases, they have been moving South yet again, providing a wonderful chance to lock in a low rate.

    According to mortgage giant Freddie Mac, we are currently seeing the lowest rates for mid-January since 2013! Therefore waiting until Spring is arguably even less logical than usual. After all, there are no guarantees that rates won’t have risen by then…

    Why not contact us at the Hyland/Schneider Team – 928-445-2100 – and find out more about the superb opportunities for early market entrants.

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