Your Home Under The Microscope – What Buyers Look For!

    In our last blog, we looked at how our real estate market is transitioning to a more pragmatic buyer’s market.

    We have of course been enjoying seller’s market conditions for some years now and while it has always been important to maximize your return on sale by making sure that you have a home buyers would want to live in, this is likely to become even more critical moving forward.

    To help you, here are some of the most important aspects that buyers will be looking for when viewing your property:

    Price – As we transition to a stronger buyer negotiations, getting your price right is even more vital. Homes that are too ambitiously priced will be the least viewed, if viewed at all. It’s essential to work with a successful agent to ensure the property is priced “in the market”.

    Condition – Don’t leave anything to chance here. For every fault a buyer uncovers, it’s reckoned they will assume there are 10 more! And clearly the better your home looks, especially in comparison with direct competition, the more robust your asking price will be.

    Potential – Never disguise the potential of your home with unsightly clutter. You want as neutral and tidy a look as possible. It’s been said that only a very small percentage of buyers can envisage what the home could be beyond its current appearance.

    Location – While you can’t move your home, it’s likely that your buyer isn’t fully up to speed with all the benefits of living in your neighborhood. Good agents will market your home by highlighting all key local amenities, schools, shopping malls etc. So work with your agent to ensure all positive local information is presented to buyers.

    Features – A well specified home has a huge advantage when buyers weigh up their options. There’s no such thing as too many well thought out features. The more the better. Home improvements can pay dividends when the time comes to sell. If your kitchen looks tired, for example, it’s a great idea to do a makeover.

    The Seller – With respect, the last thing buyers want to see is a lot of “you”. Political or religious items and family photos should all be stored away. It’s all part of what we mentioned earlier, in terms of making it easy for buyers to see the home as they would wish to live in it.

    The Agent – It’s absolutely vital to work with an agent who takes the time to really understand the plus points of your home and to develop a marketing plan built around them. And it’s equally essential to make sure your agent has excellent communications with the best buyer’s agents in the area, to attract maximum interest.

    Of course no two buyers have the same priorities, but the above basic list should help you to focus on the most important things to get right before you list.

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